SAMBHARNA, (June 20, 2008 (Friday), 09.31 PM)

“Sambharna” the word is said by my Friend Shreya, Sambharna means a collection of memories… memories can be in any form or state or i can say that whether short or long or with any person, it doesnt matter, it can be good or it can be bad also.

Once upon a time it was told to me that memories may be good or bad but it always bring tears in the eyes when it is remembered…i agree to it. But “Shreya” always say this, “we will Cherish the Memories of our ~ rest to the life”; this brings a new idea towards the life. I have never thought i can Cherish the Memories also, I always thought that once which has pass means it has gone forever. But she teach me how we can store our memories and enjoy it.

I have choose this title because this was the first word who give me idea to write something, I always write but never share as i m very introvet. This word gave me chance to change myself and express myself to the world.

“Just like others, I also dream for a friend ~ but never thought of how that person would be (thanx to GOD) because I have never expected that ~ what a friend mean to me ~ may be thats why when I got my FRIEND in real ~ I have expected a lottt from her (i am sorry for this SHREYA). 

I can never believe that DREAM comes true ~ untill i met SHREYA… ofcourse at first meeting I have never expected that she is the only person who can be my BEST BUDDY ~ it took time, but during this period one thing help me a lotttt to identify or rather realize that YES! she is the only one ~ I was looking for and that thing is “PATIENCE”.

so far as my NATURE is concern I dont have PATIENCE & also I am very shortTh TEMPOR but somehow when it comes to SHREYA, I behave totally oppostive to my darker side of NATURE… I listen her so PATIENTLY and I never get angry on her inspite of that sometimes she teased me a lottt.

Its not like I dont have FRIENDS except SHREYA… infact if I count, then it will cross the figures in double. But some people carry such vibration if call which attracts us. She from beginning attracts me ~ may be her SIMPLICITY or her SENSITIVITY ~ i dont know it can be anything else or all. But she always attracts me.  Many of my friends have asked me, why I admire SHREYA; for years, my answer to this question was that each person has their own definition of what inspiration or admiration means to them, this still holds true. My each friend’s essence is unique. But SHREYA as a person consciously explores her inner terrain; she will create her own definition of what inspiration means to me & people around her.

I would like to share one quote with all viewers, “Always ask GOD what you DESERVE rather than what you DESIRE, because may be your DESIRES are few but you DESERVE a lotttt…!!!” ..for me it was just a thought but when I met SHREYA it become a REALITY for me…coz than I got the answer from GOD what I DESERVE..

This is my first post I am writing on Word Press …. initially I was confused what to write then I thought my Friend was always an inspiration to me in my LIFE after my MOM & SIS, and her LIFE is an incredible example for me to share with all.

“Above feelings of writing is a decision, a decision which is not a choice of heart or mind but a sensible balancing of both”


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rashi Sharma says:

    dear riddhi
    i must say that ur beginning is very good…
    i m reading your articles in descending order.. you wont believe i can say that you have grown in this field ..

    just like news paper i get habit of reading your articles daily
    those who have comments on your articles out of them few are very right u should write in magazines and publish your articles.

  2. Naiya Kapoor says:

    nice one….

    Sambharna …the collection of memories
    very good title and very good beginning..

    i am new to this world of words.. just like you only i am writing but never thought of article can u please guide me ..

    i got your reference from word press only..
    you are upcoming in this field i know that but i have heard lott about you and your articles.

    i have read your all contents and its really very touching especially “no title” … i think you should ask “shreya” only to give you a very good title on this.


  3. Vinay Mishra says:

    hey hiii riddhi, well i found very purity in your writing.
    your ingenuousness can be seen from your writing

    1. Riddhi says:

      thanx a lottt for your generous comments

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