OVERTAKING, word when strike to our ears the first thing comes to our mind ~ is about driving in full speed and crossing those vehicle who are ahead to us. But here Overtaking is not to go beyond the speed and surpass the vehicles. Here I have used this word for sharing one of my experiences on LIFE. As it is always said to us that LIFE is a journey …and we had to move in journey ahead without stopping at any place.

I would like to share one of my very good experiences of my inner conscious level (I make it clarification that my inner conscious level is not that much strong). Every Person on this earth gets confused somehow at some point (may be some exception can be there who are firm what are they doing and what they are gonna do without any confusion); well but I am not exception, I am very confused person. I always stuck into the situations where I have to choose one from two (asusual typical options). I always ask GOD, why he brings me to such situations as he knows well that I am very confused person.

Ok coming to my sharing ~ Once a very good day (i will tell it a very good day because i learn a lesson on that day) I was going to my office in early morning, asusual I was driving my Activa with my original speed (I drive my Vehicle very fast) that day I was in full mood of driving with same speed and ofcourse OVERTAKING the vehicles coming to my way. I have Overtake two buses one from right side and as per my typical style one from wrong side. When it comes to my next OVERTAKING I got confused from which side do I overtake so that I can cross the Bus and move ahead to the Plain Road where I can drive smoothly, at that time I don’t know what happen to me I just slow down my Speed and for few minutes I drive behind that BUS and just a next minute I got the way and I crossed the BUS without taking any RISK of OVERTAKING.

This teaches me a very … very Big Lesson of my LIFE. After that day I sit alone and try to analyze myself that why I drive the vehicle with full speed and overtake the vehicle coming to my way. I ask myself one question that where I am running and for what I am running for, what I really wants to ACHIEVE… do ACHIEVEMENTS meant to me is a SPEED or Crossing people coming to my WAY or WHAT ? That incidence make me realize one thing in LIFE that whether it is a School or College or Professional Life or Social Life or any where … Overtaking is not the solution only thing is to slow down the SPEED and wait for the CHANCE. SLOW DOWN doesn’t mean STOP ~ that day also, I have just slow down my Vehicle I have not change my PATH ~ I was just on it and waiting for the BUS to move. I found that I was taking many RISKS in my LIFE which were actually not worth taking.

GOD teach me a lesson through my inner conscious that there are no OPTIONS (options should be positive) and there are only SMOOTH ROADS what we called OPPORTUNITIES and when some VEHICLES what we called BARRIERS comes to our way we just have to slow down our SPEED and be on the PATH and wait for the OPPORTUNITY ….we will surely reach our WAY what we called DESTINATION.

The reason behind the title “OVERTAKING” is that, sometimes in OVERTAKING we miss the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY and MET WITH AN ACCIDENT.

“SUCCESS IS A MEASURE AS DECIDED BY OTHERS.                                                                                                                                                                                                               SATISFACTION IS A MEASURE AS DECIDED BY YOU”


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  1. Naiya Kapoor says:

    i cannot imagine that we got so many lessons to learn from such small and casual things… inshort from our daily routines

    i must say that you have bring light on those sides of the fact that we generally knowingly or unknowingly ignore

    GOD teaches us everyday a new lesson from our routine activies this is a very good insight to our mankind

    nice one….
    keep it up…
    hope to c same type of good articles from your side

  2. Joe Williams says:

    hey hiii riddhi

    this is really a very good article u have written on your own experience.

    i can say this is very fresh and new topic u have discussed as people today coming with hot & sensational articles in between this u have created revolution by bringing such NIRVANA topics.

    i think you should go to PUBLISHING HOUSE and write ARTICLES for our society

    u have created very good link between our inner conscious language and upcoming problems of today’s world

    1. Riddhi says:

      thanx joe its just a small effort …of describing wat i have experienced

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