Faceless Achievers & their Thankless Jobs

(This is not the title of this Article – it is just a line told to me once by a Lady.)

If I sit to count such influential figures then we will have no empty bag left of such examples. Many a times infact most of times we talk to those people who are successful in any terms, but here this article talks about those people who persist for achievements.

I don’t know how our Society defines “Success & Achievements”. Here this Article is focusing on those people who are left out in this category of Successful. Few people I know like ~ My Mother, My Friend (Shreya), My Aunty (next to my Mom – Shreya’s Mom) and many other people out of my knowledge who are spending their life or whole life for our betterment or infact investing their whole time in making us a Successful person.

What give me a thought to write on this when I realized how my MOM, people of her AGE & SHREYA (friend) working hard for us forgetting their GASTRONOMIC ACHIEVEMENTS for fulfilling our demands.

It takes time but last not least I realized that this people are doing a great job. Through this people I’ve come to believe that all my past failure and frustration was actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living which is right now I am enjoying. They don’t think what they get, but they become ~ a Daughter, Friend, Wife, Mother what is expected from them time to time and they genuinely contribute… these all gives meaning to their as well our lives.

Most of the people have no idea of the giant capacity they have inner built, we can immediately command on them whatever our demands are and they have to focus on all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives forgetting their wishes or demands. Once if we silently realized than we will understand how true it is, that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade. The basic difference among us and this people is that we try to know what to do and they actually do what they know.

When I look at them I feel that still I have not reached to their level. They silently achieve so many things by themselves without earning any money or fame or publicity. Their Achievements are countless ofcourse we are not awarding them for this but the fact is they are so highly valued people who don’t required any award because we people with so called label of Success are less successful or infact no comparison with them in comparison to their grand achievement and fact is we are awarded with such People, I am very lucky to have such awarding people in my Life.

“This Article is purely dedicated to all those Mothers, my Friend and women who are investing their lives for their own ones without expecting any compensation for that. 


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  1. Rashi Sharma says:

    in your comments to Mahi Iyer you have written this…

    “Achievement which contain voice is always praised by the People but Silence of Success is never Realized unless and until it is Experienced”… i think this can be your title.

    thanx for giving a new insight to look towards this people who are far better successful than us.. infact you are right we are living with fake so called labels of being in success..

  2. Mahi Iyer says:

    hii myself mahi iyer

    i am working in publishing house and by profession i am doing designing work in magazines and many advertisements

    but my key interest was always writing

    dear riddhi
    people like you are very few who try to focus on such sensitive issues of our society..
    but do u think what u have written is going to be give them any kind of justice… coz writing is different and putting them or giving them their rights in today world wat i say so call male – oriented samaj.

    coz today also in our society girls are giving higher education but not given rights to do something on their own

    no doubt u have shown positive side …. make their culinary efforts into achievments.

    but dont u think that we have make exchange offer that u r doing great job in the kitchen so b happy with dat nd dont come outside the world coz the job u people are doing in the house is great so b there

    1. Riddhi says:

      dear mahi thanx for you reply
      well my content is not to keep them there only
      even the article is not written for the women or girls who are doing such a great job without expecting any return
      but this article is for all other people including me and u….who are knowingly …ignore the facts.

      my effort is just to remind people that we are praising people for their efforts around the world but in this we have forget to count one most important name or relationship who is very near to us..

      “actually Achievement which contain voice is always praised by the People but Silence of Success is never Realized unless and until it is Experienced”

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