Today in Morning

TODAY IN MORNING (November 11, 2009)

 Good Morning!!!

Today’s morning was very pleasant, it seems not too cold and not too lazy, it was complete fresh morning as seems like I was in some other world. This is something what I have experience and would like to share with you and I request viewers should read at least once and make sure you read to the end….

 It is one of the most-requested columns I’ve written”.

 This morning I spend only 180 mins i.e. 2.5 hours; in this time I realized that Life isn’t a fair to me some moments, but it’s still good to me I said SORRY for all those things I have done to others knowingly and unknowingly and forgive all those things happen to me also because I thought Life is too short why to waste time in hating anyone. In this just small time I have lived my whole life and enjoy the each moments as if now I am not gonna live anymore. Peace of Today’s Morning teaches me that forget the PAST it won’t screw up the PRESENT.

 Being a working person, I am always dedicated to my JOB and give importance & priority to my work first rather than my family and friends. But today’s Morning make me feel that My JOB won’t take care of me when I’ll be sick, I need to spend some quality time with my family & friends.

 Silence of Early Morning teaches me that wining on every Argument is not necessary every time, many a times we have to “AGREE TO DISAGREE”. As in Professional life we go through many useless Arguments in order to satisfy our so call EGOES.

 Ofcourse I want to forget my PAST as I said previous, but I want to go back to the memories of my CHILDHOOD because it’s never too late to have a happy childhood again. When it comes to going after what you LOVE in LIFE, don’t take NO for an ANSWER. Once My Friend Shreya share one very good thing with me i.e. DO or DIE is an old saying, now it’s time for Doing before we DIE. So I want to enjoy everything before actually I DIE. I don’t want to go from this EARTH with any REGRETS. I want to pray, I want to burn candles, want to eat my favorite food today, I want to wear new clothes & don’t want to wait for any special OCCASION as “TODAY ~ IN MORNING” teach me that “TODAY IS SPECIAL”.

 Many a things matter in my LIFE especially my JOB, CARRIER, FAMILY, FRIENDS, IMAGE IN THE SOCIETY, but TODAY just for two & half hours I Frame every so-called disaster with these words ‘’IN FIVE YEARS, WILL THESE MATTERS?’’. At the end Delight of the Environment teach me to choose only LIFE, I forgive everything & everyone, I have stop auditing my LIFE, I STARTED TO SHOW UP & MAKE UP THE MOST OF IT NOW.

  “No man in this world is rich enough to buy his own PAST.
Enjoy each moment before it gets beyond reach.”

 I pray to GOD, everyday when i get up ~ my every Morning should be SPECIAL like TODAY.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Rashi Sharma says:

    abt article … m speechless and abt pic i must say awesome, infact heart touching..

    hey yar keep it up.

  2. Arpit Chhaya says:

    Dear Ridhssssss…..

    buddy today’s morning was not usuall as it is evryday, today i felt that let us go in PAST days ofour lives and do the BUNK from office :)) hehehe… today i felt that we can fight with any damm thing either human or non human but we cant fight against MOTHER EARTH.

    and ofcourece we can’t buy our PAST but we had invested as memory and that investment today is giving us the RETURN of it.

    i have always admire you as a strong contendor of speach, sprituality, senity and solaris. i wish and welcome you to the world of “BIG BRAINS”

    have fun and enjoy “jo barse banke bundbund- which is applicable for today”

    Tc lw ya enjoy
    keep in touch.

    Be good, be fair, be writy….



  3. Vinay Mishra says:

    dear Riddhi
    this is what i am actually expecting from you
    in your writing some where u have done some error
    but i think if u will concentrate on this
    u will surely have a long way to go in writing field

    people who write are maximum introvert in the nature
    but not all kind express their inner feelings
    but i can say that people like you give very good justice to your inner emotions.

    well done keep it up

    1. Riddhi says:

      thanx vinay …i will surely look to my errors and try to correct is as soon as possible
      as i m really very much interested in this field
      actually i was not aware of writing something
      but this is wat i got sumthing in family tradition which i make a passion for me now

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