As if Left brain is talking to Right brain

There’s an explosion of a dialogue

Some questions and some answers

And sometimes there was silence

Manifesting wordless dances

Like a wave of beautiful dance comes from

A direction unknown to humanity

Words are spreading like rays of sun

While silence is spreading its wings all over

What is all these?

Why is it?

It’s just like this and it will be like this…

Curiosity: Who are you?

Knowledge: You are part of me if I say so does that make you understand?

Curiosity: I am only part of you? So when I will be whole and if I will be whole then who will I be?

Knowledge: Question is just a small ladder that may reach towards me but if before question if there is invocation of a prayer then you dont require ladder any more.

Curiosity: Prayer? Prayer for what?

Knowledge is in silence at this time.

There is no word

There is no sound

Only silence is existing

Curiosity: Is my question wrong?

Knowledge: Question is only ladder but the direction of the ladder can be wrong.

Curiosity: I am feeling something unusual – I am loosing my words – something is happening…

Knowledge is witnessing.

Witnessing the transforming Curiosity

Curiosity changed into many layers

Anger, impatience, ego, ignorance

Depression, arrogance…

Knowledge is silent, healthy

Curiosity is just beside Knowledge

Yet Curiosity…


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