I did it..

Helloo.. Hi

after a long long time i m writing something actually I got stuck in some very important work as in some social cum personal cum professional work in fact load.

but i can handle the load not to worry (why u guys worry hahaha…!!!)

well finally i m over with my Masters in HR and m very happy because before 5 years back i.e. in 2005; one person (i dont want to mention the name) told me very strongly that i will never do my Masters and later on i also feel the same bcoz after i completed my graduation i didnt get admission in MBA due to financial problems as well as i didnt get proper job of my HR Field.

but kisine thik hi kaha hai, “JAHA CHA VAHA RAH” finally after 5 years i have completed it successfully. well still waiting for results…

Today i truly believe woh kehte hai maan gaiye ustad just like dat only, my GURUJI told me once that Riddhi u will achieve everything in your life but the only thing you have to wait because it will come bit late but when it will come it will surely fulfill the gap you have waited for it.

And yes exactly it happens and its going on right now.

I am getting all those things which i have desired for once upon a time of course i have to wait a long for it but when it comes it comes with so much joy that it heals the pain of suffering i have while waiting for it or struggling for it.

I just want to give a message to my all readers that never GIVE UP in terms of your DREAMS. always live and walk on the path of LIFE with a motto that u have to ACHIEVE IT no matter what are the circumstance and what are the situations.

Though it calls for great level of patience and awareness which you can bring by dedication towards your work and dreams and let me add some more ingredients that it also requires cup of trust on urself and faith in GOD.


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