Lets Fly…

Before I begin this Article, I want to sincerely Thanks “Suchu” .. my friend, without whom this article is incomplete and also like to share with my viewers that it is only her (suchu) efforts which had make this article more easiest and simpler in reading and understanding. So Suchu Thanks…once again “RISU” Duo Rocks…!!!

Not in a Plane or Helicopter or Air Balloon, even not having an artificial wings because that would be a mere physical flight and I am saying precisely in terms of our Thoughts & Actions.

I have found life to be full of “schedules” and there’s nothing wrong in having a routine life, but what concerns me or rather makes me wonder is- Is Life all about – eating, surviving and fulfilling our materialistic wants? Is this the essence of Life?

What actually are we looking for?

A Life “full of schedules” from birth to death i.e. schooling, college, job, marriage, responsibilities, so called problems & tensions, retirement, planning to keep ourselves healthy and ultimately die with all incompleteness and undesirable demands.


A Life “full of meaningful schedules”, i.e. to say, schooling – enjoyment & understanding the value of childhood and adulthood, college – value of youth and education of responsibilities, marriage – a stage of completion, responsibilities – utilizing the knowledge gained at school & college level, in other words, being “Able / Capable to Response.” Retirement, I believe doesn’t exist because in our society it is the problems and tensions that exist with the existence of the term “retirement” as it is usually perceived to be “Re – Tiredness”. Instead of this, “Re – Relaxation” should be practiced in a meaningful way.

If the above mentioned things are followed properly, I am sure neither of us will have any problems nor will there be any scope of tension. I know it’s good in saying and difficult in implementing, but I believe that a meaningful life calls for a revolution which acts on a formula, i.e.

Awareness – Implementation – Improvement – Changes

Our society is revolving around this formula. A meaningful life becomes Materialistic because some are living life without awareness, many are aware but do not want to implement & improve for better life and the rest are reluctant towards change due to their rigid and narrow mind concepts. This approach of living a Materialistic life leads to a destructive society.

Coming back to a flight of “thoughts & actions”, I would like to share one good saying of “a person” who once told me that only two things can fly naturally in the sky – one is Birds & second is our “Thoughts”, which means a person should be continuously aware of the kind of life he/she is living and identify the area that calls for implementation and improvement.  This will allow the person to understand the importance of “Flight” because there is always two sides of life which possesses similar characteristics; the only difference lies in having the “Awareness of Knowledge.”

For e.g.: A drunkard utilizes his major thoughts and actions in finding different ways to drink alcohol.

Similarly, A social worker utilizes the same for the betterment of society by first improving himself.

Hence it’s all about having the right knowledge that can give us a better “awareness” through which we can have a better flight to move from a Stage of “Materialistic Life” to a “Meaningful Life.”

I would like to site another interesting incident or rather conversation which I had with one of my family members that helped me in understanding the essence of a meaningful life.

One fine day it was told to me that, “the formula of Awareness – Implementation – Improvement – Changes, is violating the dignity and tradition of the Human Family and Society in which we are living.” As per his belief “Those who talk about this formula calls for a “Centre of Shame” as Society cast out people who are against them and banish to a solitary life.”

Our Society calls Meaningful Life as Irresponsibility because meaningful life doesn’t follow old traditions and believes in continuous change. According to my family member, “one should learn that irresponsibility does not pay. Life is uncertain and all that we know is we are put into this world to eat, to stay alive as long as we possibly can.”

I generally never argue with my elders, but their reasoning was such that it compelled me to raise voice against the so called traditions. I questioned them that “Who is more responsible than us to find a meaningful life? For thousands of years we have scrabbled our whole life after food, clothing and shelters in different forms, but now we have a reason to live, to learn, to discover, to be free & fly.”

Through this conversation, I would like to highlight few essential “facts of life”. According to me, we as humans cannot refuse to open our eyes to see the outside world and the society in which we are residing, we can learn more each day and can no longer depend on the hope of society but emerge with the faith in oneself. Once we learned to fly it hardly matters what price we have paid for it. We have discovered that boredom, fear, anger and incompleteness are the reasons why human life is so materialistic, and with a flight of “thoughts & actions” one can live a prosperous life indeed a purposeful life.

If we want, we can live like legends by understanding the importance of making the most from our lives, even if our goals run contrary to the norms of our flock, tribe or neighborhood.

Through the “metaphor of flight”, I believe that, if we follow our dreams, we too can soar. One should come up with a reason, where we can lift ourselves and emerged as a best creation of excellence.

We can be free and we can learn to fly…


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Shravan says:

    I hate this world when i read your Blog i got another big reason to hate
    arey yar we cant live life the way we want to….
    the so called idiotic customs and rigid mindset of society
    they just suck

    1. Riddhi Patel says:

      Dear Shravan
      Sorry but you have taken my Article in a wrong way to become happy you dont need to snatch someones happiness or making them sad..
      Just like if you want to live your life on your own conditions you dont need to hate society
      our society made up of certain customs which are absolutely perfect for us to live life peacefull why it become so called customs because which were designed previously for the betterment of mankind later on misused for the destruction of mankind and the outcome is we started hating it the way u have written infact i would suggest you that if possible go through each and every customs (indian customs) and you will find the scientific logic behind that which were actually invented for our progress.

  2. Jai says:

    Through the “metaphor of flight”, I believe that, if we follow our dreams, we too can soar. One should come up with a reason, where we can lift ourselves and emerged as a best creation of excellence.

    I think whatever you have written is all on Blog in real life if we will dare to follow our dreams, we cannot soar infact we will drown because whole society is made up of this complex creation and they will not allow us to fly bcoz of their own rigid mindset and so call customs

  3. Joe Williams says:

    Do you think in today’s society we can fly…

  4. Alish Shah says:

    Very Good, Deep & Hard Reality

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