Backward is sometimes Forward and then Upward

Today’s blog is speically dedicated to Suchi…!!!

First of all Congratulations…!!!

Today on 06.09.2013, you are going to get Eklavya Award for your best Performance in MHRM through out the Year..!!!

U know I am very very very happy for you, now please in your modest attitude don’t say, “Di…plzzzzzz its not big deal,,!!!”

But Suchi for me it is a big Deal yar…!!!

There are sequence of incidences which had compelled me to write today and they are –

I remember when you joined BBA Program, it was your Dream to get Gold Medal.

I remember when you get into MBA Preparation so tight and all the time beating your brain with TIME Academy…that GCET Exam Hall and then coming out with sad face with scores.

I still remember the decision of NIRMA which has come with the territory…

Then your DFM Evening Course and GGRC “HR Trainee” cum Labour Job….lol

Finally you decided that you want to go for MHRM, I can’t tell you that how much Happy I was to know that you are choosing MHRM as a Discipline of Study because HR was in my Blood u knw na…

Today “PROUD” is expressed not only in terms of Award you are going to get, but for all those bags of tricks which were and are responsible for your Success.

You have given your best in everything, whatever had come your way, you have grab it, accept it and give your best in it…thats call for real “PROUD WALI FEELINGS…”

Suchi…you at a very small age or rather at the initial of your age had set a very big example in front of our generation and coming “X – Gen” that if you want to do something then opportunities are unlimited, you know at times for you Gold Medal or MBA Admission or Nirma was not important the only thing that matter for you was your burning desires to acheive something with full powers.

Your Journey from BBA to MHRM was full of ups & down and swing you all the time in many many directions but that was your Strength who had always keep you aware of your GOALS…

Many a times you thought of Giving up but when you come to the end of your rope, you tie a knot and hang on…

So finally I end by saying that Suchi, we are PROUD OF U not bcoz you are getting AWARD but for your NEVER GIVING UP ATTITUDE…

I would like to tell everyone who are gonna Praise you today for your Success that, “BEHIND THIS SUCCESSFUL SUCHI, THERE’S A LOT OF UNSUCCESSFUL ATTEMPTS….”

Hence never Give up and always believe that Backward is sometimes Forward & then Upward….

Congratulation Once Again..!!!


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