State of Third Eye

SEQUEL OF “Lets Fly..!!”

In the Article – “Lets Fly” – I have share my views on living life beyond the so called societal concept of Survival and move towards the life of Purpose with Purpose.

Long back, the inner Bird had already taken a Flight overlooking the Heritage, towards the purpose which itself is to find out the real purpose of my Existence on this Earth. In the process of discovering my ownself, I have experience the phase which I call it as a “State of Third Eye”.

Life like a Roller Coaster keeps on dangling me. I always try to maintain equilibrium but sometimes I fail and sometimes I achieve. Recent experiences irrespective of good or bad, open the doors of consciousness and make me aware of own self. I discovered my true nature – a stage where neither I want to speak nor I want to listen. This realization had also enlighten the fact that “being talkative” was not my nature but the outcome of inner cogitating. It keeps on triggering the reactions due to which either i keep on talking or prefer to listen something which again feed me to talk more.

After taking a flight towards discovery of my own self now time had come where I should come to that State of my Third Eye. Starting from Infant stage to Adult we go through different stages of life just like in academics, initially we study so many subjects but as we grow and move towards advance study we choose one or two subjects as a specialization considering our own liking, interest and strength. Just like that our life as school keep on providing us various subjects whereby we can understand our own liking, develop interest and then further choose it as our specialization. Such specialization add degree to our file which helps us in nurturing and growing as a better person from within.

Lets Fly calls for a Vision and Strength but once we learn to fly its very important that we maintain an equilibrium on our own flight and thats call for the State of Third Eye. State of Third Eye can be achieved with a high density of Discipline and Devotion.

I have mention in the Article of “Lets Fly” which can be read as, I believe that a meaningful life calls for a revolution which acts on a formula, i.e. Awareness – Implementation – Improvement – Changes. Ascension had brought a paradigm shift in the lives of all human kinds where now in order to maintain the pace with Time we too have to shift from Awareness Phase to Implementation & Improvement Phase. We have to use all our skills, techniques, talents and contribute for a Divine Prophecy which is coming towards us in full fledge.

I end up on a thought which I strongly believe that Long back I have stretched my hands to gain my wings and took my flight from one World, now its time to take a break from a long journey, I search everywhere and guess what I’ve found. My real home within me which I can see with a State of Third Eye.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. ppdonga says:

    Good.Touchy articles.Hope seqencial article will have much deeper inner churn output.

    1. Riddhi Patel says:

      Dear sir, Thanks for your Lovely comments
      My next article will definitely meet your expectations.

  2. pp donga says:

    Good.Touchy. Hope next article will have expression of much deeper inner churn output

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