Let’s Silence settle by my side..

Since childhood, I have always remained a Silent Child due to my Introvert Nature. From School days to my College and from College to my Professional Life, I have always avoided the situations where I can put forward my feelings for my beloved ones. I have never considered it as an opportunity whereby I can express my love, anger, happiness, sadness, possessives even at times my insecurity. Initially, I feel bad because I don’t know how to manage my inner urges and that also all alone. I always wanted that even I can freely express my all emotions. I don’t like to keep on reminding myself that how, when and what to speak?

It was just my mere myth on the basis of which I feel that Introvert person always remain sad and weak and Extrovert person are fun loving, strong and dynamic, until I explored the fact that just like extrovert even introvert behavior too had some constructive and escalating points in its bag.

Just like a coin has two sides our behavior too had two sides, the only requirement is to flip it. I have understood and explored my strengths as per the demand of time. My weak points have triggered my inner skills which introduce me with my superfine strengths.

Generally we understand Silence means absence of communication between two persons, but over and above this there is one more Silence which is unnoticed because Feelings cannot be seen, touch, heard or spell out. It is only felt by two hearts.

Just like Introverts are misunderstood because majority of the populations consists of Extroverts the same way Silence is misunderstood with un-uttered words. Silence is not the weakness but it is a great source of Strength.

It is truly said by Nicholas Sparks, that “Silence is Divine, Communication bring people closer but Silence makes them one. Those who can enjoy the company without speaking can only spend rest of their lives together.”

I being an Introvert person may often regret for my speech but never for my Silence because a consequential silence is better than a useless words. My Professional Life helps me a lott to understand the power of Silence whereby I have learned that one should raise their Words not the Voice because it is Rain that grows Flower not Thunder.

Hence I would like to end this Article on short and sweet note that there are many qualities of Introvert Nature that can be proved as biggest strength which we will keep on exploring.

This article is dedicated to all the Introverts who prefer Silence hence let’s celebrates the Silence settled by our side.


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