Lemon Juice

FURTHER from the collection of “lets fly”

Recently, I come up with an interesting lesson – a learning of contribution. Initially, I was thinking that “Learning of Contribution” will be the title for this article but then I found “Lemon Juice” an appropriate title because this beautiful thought strike to my mind while having a Glass of Lemon Juice.

I went to met Shreya (my friend), it was an afternoon time, she offered me Cold Coffee but instead of that I insisted for a Lemon Juice considering the soaring temperature of my body due to heat.

While having a Lemon Juice, she was sharing some of her recent family incidences and we were discussing our view points about how we react on social issues. In between she takes a toll on our conversation and my focus was partially grab by the lemony taste of the Lemon Juice as well as some of the very attention catching ingredients. Let me share here, one of my best quality which I love the most that many a times my senses work together without interrupting each other. My ears were listening Shreya and my Tasting senses were enjoying the Juice at the same time. Along with the Juice we end on our conversation and then I left for the home.

On my way, as per my habit I was recollecting what did we talk and analyzing upon it. Though, I count habit of analyzing on my bad books but sometimes can’t help with it. More than our conversation, I was thinking more about Lemon Juice. I figure out that our Life is also like a Lemon Juice. Each ingredients like Lemon, Salt, Sugar or Honey, Water, Ginger etc contributes as per the requirement and merge into a delicious healthy juice. May be we are also one of the Ingredients who are on Earth for some or the other contribution of GOD’s big cup of Lemon Juice. We Humans are so much involved in unhealthy competition of proving ourselves best that we have overlooked the biggest quality of being ourselves. Many Researchers and Scientist who are studying changes in Human Kind and Generation are blaming 21st Century for making Life disaster in terms of Technological Development. But, my question is, “That the seed of Development was sowed before 21st Century by our own Ancestors now when the Desirable Fruits are not coming why they are blaming the atmosphere and environment of 21st Century”

We  Humans have always overlook the Qualitative Benefits of Life in gaining the Quantitative Benefits. “Comparison have made all of us forget that importance lies in Opportunity of Contribution not in Proportions of Contribution. 

I feel it’s a privilege for us to become one of the important Ingredients of a Master Recipe, I believe, I am given this opportunity and I will make sure that instead of worrying about the Proportions, I will grab the Opportunity and play the role of Contributing my essence and will merge into the Delicious and Healthy Lemon Juice prepared by GOD.

It is a Lesson of Learning from the Nature which talks about “Opportunities” and teach us the “Lesson of Contribution” which I learn from the “Glass of Lemon Juice”.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tagore says:

    in a simple way you explain a big lesson which is also difficult to implement but good one

  2. ppdonga says:

    Again a touchy expressions of your inner sensibility and positivity towards life. Continue to wright.

    1. Riddhi Patel says:

      Dear Sir, Thank you for the positive feedback. I will always keep writing and make sure that positivism spreads and sustains.

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