A Grain of Sand

“A Grain of Sand” ~ is a Journey of my Life

Episode 11: Lighting Hearts

“Some days you will be the Light for others and Some days you will need some Light from them. As long as there is Light, there is Hope and there is a Way.” – quote by Jennifer Gayle.

Who knows that in a middle of our Professional Phase a very beautiful quote of Jennifer Gayle becomes a Reality of our Life. I hereby introduces most happening and Lighting Hearts of our (Me & My Sister) Life.


I call them Naren Sir and Vaishu Mam, but “Sir” and “Mam” tagged are replaces with “Dad” and “Mom”. Our Journey was quite interesting and we share most unique bond. It starts from Reporting Boss & Mam to Guiding Force cum Counsellor which sooner turns into known Senior Colleagues then Parents and then a fast friends. Today is a scenario that we hardly define our Relationship. Life becomes beautiful when we stop labeling them. When we are together we feel like there is No Age Barriers but for that I and Siddhi will not take the credit because it’s their Versatility that give us a comfort zone.

They are not only closest part of our Family, but also the most closest part of  our Life. Our every step towards various decisions of Life begins with their guidance, support and blessings. If GOD will be showering thousand blessing on us, I would say one of the blessing would be the presence of Sir & Mam in our Life.

Coming to the sweet, innocent and lil bro Palash. Palash means Flowering. Just like his name he had spreads his fragrance to Sir and Mam’s Life and not only that but he has also extended that fragrance to us. I won’t term it as an opportunity to call him a lil bro because its all destiny which is beautifully design by Almighty for us. But I will definitely say that may be GOD must be very happy with Siddhi and Me just like Mom & Dad gifted us Harshil as a lil bro, Sir and Mam had also gifted us Palash.

Whenever anyone will ask have you seen GOD, I will say I have not seen him but I have experience his existence because we got two friendly parents and two younger brothers in our Life.

Episode 10: Thinking Heart & Loving Brain


Shripad, Siddhi & I know each other since we were in school in Shreyas Vidhyalaya. I still remember Shripad’s Finger playing habit which i cannot explain in words..anyways leave that…but here I thanks to Swamiji, Guruji & Reiki, who bring us togather again.

Who knows that just a school mate in Shreyas Vidhyalaya one day become an important part of my Life?

I could have never found the better or rather best person for Siddhi who have brought lots and lots of “Therav” – Stability in  her life. Thanks to Mom who have taken initiative for taking a decision for Siddhi & Shripad. After all Moms are always right…!!!

Initially, Shripad & I were carrying many such misunderstandings for each other but I will be always thankful to Siddhi or rather Shripad & I would be thankful to her for bring us close and clearing all our Misunderstandings.

Else, I could never found such a nice Friend in form of Shripad.

The more and more, we have known each other, I found that Shripad’s Simplicity and Stability towards Life is his biggest strength which motivates me and siddhi as well to Live Life at Fullest. Today if anyone ask me what you can call Blissful, I will point out my fingure towards Shripad. Whenever it comes to Shripad – he gives the best example of being blissful. His acceptance power always show me that still so many things are remaining to learn because I always believe that I can accept everything at extreme but Shripad always taught me that Acceptance should not be in “ACTION” but it should be “THE BEHAVIOUR” of one person.

Today for me, Shripad is like next to my Father cum Friend, with whom I do all that kind of Masti and throw all tantrums, which he equally pamper like his Daughter. He tease me like a Brother and guide me like a Father. The only relationship which we both don’t carry is “Jija – Sali” relationship by which we are actually bonded but we don’t need it rather..!!!

Episode 9: A Solveit Girl

Long back I have decided that I will use this title only to describe “Suchu”.


Just like this picture, suchu is fun-loving, full of entertainment, live, optimistic towards everything.

She adds life to the moments…

I still remember when we met for the first time, when I was in 11th Std and she was in 5th or 6th Std.

Oppss…I forget to introduce her, She is Suchi…Shreya’s lil Angel (real sister) and for me “Suchu”

Yes coming back to our meeting, she gave such a look to us like a typical “ATTITUDE WALI”, after that I literally avoid talking with her because when we friends go to Shreya’s Place, I try that I just don’t see her and avoid talking with her because our first meeting was all the time hitting my head and frankly speaking I don’t want to face any more Attitude..

But as my and Shreya’s relationship grows, I started knowing everyone including Suchu and I found that I was wrong. She was not at all an Attitude carrying girl.

There were two – three incidences, which were responsible for bringing us close. Her existence in my Life passes from Shreya’s Sister to a very good friend “my soul mate” and then reach to “A Solveit Girl”. I have never thought that my best friend’s sister will also become my bestie…..Just like Shreya, I feel very proud to say that, we too even carry the unique relationship. Though she is 5 years younger than me, but our conversation, masti and sometimes fight, force someone to scratch the grey cells, that whether she is of my age or vis – a – versa.

Though most of the time, I treat her like my child but sometimes, it also come where she takes the charge. Now time has brought us to that edge where just a simple “Hello” on Phone can make out that something is going wrong.

I will stop myself here only, else I will keep writing and writing and its goes on and on. Sum of all for Suchu I’ll say only one thing –

I am a big Mystery but she solve it in a Trice.

Episode 8: Behind the Beautiful Forever

Some people always act behind the stage but make a big contribution towards Life. I am fortunate to have such people who played an important roles behind the Curtain of Life.


“Kuch Kamine hote hai….but sabse pyare dost hote hai…..”

Somehow, Some where, I have lost some of the “Kamine” from my Pagalpanti Group, but wherever they are today in their World. I will always pray for them that they get all success and happiness. You guys have given me those things which I have never expected from my Life or Destiny or even GOD.

You are GIFTS to me in all terms and in all ways….

“Arohi & Shridhar” – I know you have your own Life, certain uncertain things had occur which had brought distance in our Relationship but I have never told u but I dont want to miss this Opportunity today by expressing my inner and deepest feelings that without you guys I am and I will be incomplete always…!!!

I will be always waiting for you, where you both have left us…!!!

I am sure GOD will bring us all together one day and will definitely bring on our DHAMMAL & MASTI….

Episode 7: A Tale of Struggle to Success

As I have said before, Reiki teaches me that all Doors are right, whichever we open will take us to our Destination only, the only right thing we have to do is to open it on right time, rather than exploring the Options of thinking what is right and what is wrong.

Just like every Fresher, after completing my College, I have seen big big DREAMS which as usual were just DREAMS only. Because this REAL WORLD realizes me that, World is Stone and my Dreams are made up of Glass. It broke on each stage and unfortunately broken pieces were pinching me, hurting me like anything. I was loosing all my Confidence and Faith on my Capabilities.

I was so much tired of finding a right place for me that I left with no options but to do a job at a call centres and that is also of Night Shifts. I did this job for 1 and half-year. Though it was not easy for me because after spoiling my Night Sleep for whole Month I get only 800/- Rupees. But still I was working because after so much disappointment I have accepted the Hard Fact that 800 Rupees was better than NOTHING. I have never give up and stick to it until my Guruji came and take me out of this Dark Clouds and bring Sunlight in my Life.

One fine day, I got a call letter from Siddhi’s Company  GGRC for the post of Jr. Assistant (Accounts). The letter was like someone launch a Missile after me. Because for me Accounts was like hitting a head on a Wall. I was again disappointed because, My specialization was in Human Resource and expecting a Job in HR only. But as it is truly said that, we have to just open the door and not exploring the right door, I did the same, after so much arguments and discussion with my DAD, I finally decided to face the interview. As on date, I am thankful to my DAD that he push me to such an extend that at least I face interview. After that incidence, I started believing that, GOD’s plan are better than our plans.

I face interview and fortunately, considering my qualification background, though there was no need, still they create an URGENT vacancy and offered me job on Skilled Category in HR Department of GGRC Company. It was like a dream come true for me. I was so Happy that I was not able keep my legs on ground, I was literally flying in the Air. The first step was struggling, difficult and quite late but then with leaps and bounds finally I got success in the field of HR and today I am working as an HR Officer in GGRC. Though still so many things are remaining to meet but I am happy that everything is progressing in Pipeline.

GGRC Building


HR Department (Old Office)


HR Department (New Office)


GGRC Company had given me not only the prestigious position in the Society today, but gives me Confidence of being Self – Independent. This Company had made me a Matured Person that boost my inner confidence of being able to face every coming situations. The most important lesson which GGRC Company had taught me which was actually lacking in me was Discipline. I realized in this Company that along with some skill set one should always have a Discipline towards work, towards our principles, towards our life and that’s how one can achieve goals in Life.

Here I will ony say that, always ask GOD to give you what you Deserve rather than what you Desire because may be your Desires are few but you Deserve a lotttt…..!!!! 

Episode 6: Reiki

Year 2004 – a turning point of my Life, I met my Guruji, I learn Reiki. Never thought that my Life will turn towards Spirituality. After Shreya, Spirituality was another biggest U turn of my Life.

Guruji – Shri Ajit Telang


||Shree Swami Samarth, Devrukh Math||


I always think of doing some or the other things for the people around me in this World. But Spirituality take my hand and take me to that World which was neither touch nor even notice and that was my Inner World. I was surprise upon knowing that, I was all the time engaging myself in finding the Key to Change the World for me and I couldn’t understand the simple thing that to Change the World, I need to Change myself and that is the only KEY.

Reiki had change my OUTLOOK towards the LIFE. It gave me immense experience of divine energy – the GOD. For me now Life is no more a Coin, I am tossing all the time just to check which side is right & wrong OR which is favourable and which is not. I just live it the way it is. Initially I was exploring my situations, but Reiki teach me to explore myself. Initially I had many questions and not a single right answers, today after Reiki I have all right answers without any questions. It took time for me to understand that which door is right for me that will take me to my Destination but Reiki teach me that all Doors are right whichever I open, it will take me to my Destination only.

Episode 5: ROY – Rockie of the Year

The name was given to me during my College Times….As usual my naughtiness continued from School times to College and even become more advance also…

To enhance my naughtiness and mischievous behaviour, so many people had done valuable contribution and that so many people includes my College, Tuition and Hostel Friends. After School, College was the second updated and advance version of Riddhi’s Life.

Vidya Nagar Friends………


Hostel Friends


College Friends


IRPM Friends

Irpm frndz

MHRM Friends


As on date I have enjoy my Life at fullest but if suppose GOD give me chance to return one of the Life back then I will definitely ask for my College Life.

Episode 4: Shreya – A Story which I cannot write…!!!

When it comes to Shreya, I cannot figure out that from where shall i start and where shall I end.

Copy of S4

Generally, people met due to coincidences or intentional incidences but Shreya & I met due to Punishments given by one “Buddhi Jivi” our Economics Teacher “Khaman”, that was his pet name which he deserves also. Shreya was given punishment of standing in front of whole class facing wall. Than later on what happen, he tell her to sit next to my bench and that’s how for the first time I come to know her. Though, we havent talk not even any eye contact, but Destiny just crack one code over there for us.

Friendship with Shreya was not easy because she was different and ofcourse I am born Junglee….

A Person like Shreya – quite simple, sensitive, calm, matured will always think that World is not Enough to find some sensible Friends for her, why should she will explore unwanted fields or areas which are not at all coming in her purview. But as I said, Destiny was cracking some secret codes just like Da – Vinci – Code, we both though never thought of, when become close and slowly slowly become friends.

I have never told this to Shreya, but even I don’t want to do Friendship with her ever, but I don’t know what happen to me also…lol. Our Journey was never smooth, it carries lots of Ups & Downs, but we both have always follow three Principles which act as a Strong Pillar for keeping our Friendship.

  1. We always give IMPORTANCE to our relationship and not situations.
    2. We follow 3E’s Concept – NO EGO, NO EXPECTATIONS & NO EXPLANATIONS.
    3. We love, trust & understand each other BLINDLY.

We have accepted each other fully including our Negativity also and we had a SILENT COMMITMENT to each other that whatever happens will not leave each other.

For me Shreya was never just a Friend, she was always a Mother when it comes to Caring, a Father when it comes to Protecting, Siblings when comes to Support, Lover when comes to Companionship, Teacher when comes to guide me.

It was never like that, that the Shreya was only Friend in my Life, but yes Shreya is the only Friend with whom I was carrying a unique relationship because she was the only one whom I love unconditionally, respect madly and scared deeply after my Guruji & Mom.

Episode 3: School Life…!!!


School days…means full of churning days…

Base of our Growth…though it was TRUE that i don’t like to go to Schools but that is also TRUE that even don’t like to come HOME after School….lol. If someone ask me, tell me about your School Life in one Word, then I will simply said that it was like a “Box of Assorted Chocolates”. I have done every thing though once only but did it at fullest, I did pranks but face punishments also, I gave best shot in sports & cultural events but get best scores also in academics though once only. I loose in debate competition because of lack of confidence but gather strength for Noble Cause

My first Lesson which I learn from School was, just like Coin, every person has two sides one should always keep on exploring the strongest side by continuously exploring each side of Life.

Episode 2: Why should girls have all the FUN…

Definitely, GOD  have thought this only, that’s why after four years looking to our lavish Life Style and Luxurious Treatment, GOD sent Harshil on this EARTH to make me & sids realized that, “Why should girls have all the FUN…!!!”


The moment he enters in our Life, he converted all our sensitive areas into series of silliness. Our girlish demands and attitudes were not at all fit into Harshil Logical Naughtiness World…In short it was Mixture of Masti, Fun, Dhamal and some Silly Fights.

But most important was – “his existence make our life COMPLETE”

Since childhood till as on date, he is very straight forward person, not at all demanding but believe in his own decision. Amongst all of us, he is the most strongest person both physical, emotionally and mentally. I think that’s why, in this whole WORLD, i rely on him the most after my Mom. But Harshil Strength have all the time gave us a big Challenge because, he is the MASTER of his own World unlike me..

One cannot convince him easily and if convince he is the biggest strength cum support one have. But “Ghor Tapasya” is required to convince HARSHIL BABA….

He had immense quality of good understanding towards Life, which he had introduces in his Life and Behaviour. Like me…he had also develop good habit of Writing, which I suppose with the passage of time – improved and become even better than me…now time is such that even I need to take some TIPS from him.

Famous Saying from the Collection of Harshil Baba…”I dont say doesn’t mean I don’t Understand and I don’t express doesn’t mean I don’t Care…!!!”

Episode 1: Born on 06.06.1985 (Thursday)

GOD was aware that I always need some Company, can’t carry out things alone, hence being so nice to me…he make me fortunate by giving me Twin Sister “Siddhi” though different from me…

familyMy Mom & Dad were very happy to have us, after all our name were such Riddhi means Prosperity & Siddhi means Success, we were born on Ganesh Chauth, considering the most auspicious day, overlooking the Hindu Rituals of keeping name according to Zodiac signs, we were given names Riddhi ~ Siddhi. In fact, Siddhi & I are very happy for such wise decision taken by our Parents at that time where we were unaware about it…!!! So Ma & Pappa thanks for giving us such lovely names…

We both are fortunate to have such a lovely parents who are more like Friends. They have always been our first Person with whom we share our thick and thin conversations and decision of Life. They have not only made us what we are today but also given us opportunity to participate in various decision making process of Life. Words will not be enough to describe our Lovely Parents because they efforts are limitless and eternal. I can only Thankful to GOD for blessing us with a Divine Parents.

Siddhi & I are not only Biological Twins but we are also Twins by Destiny because since Childhood – starting from School – to College and now our Professional Life, we are always together. For this I am always THANKFUL to GOD. Because I have never told this to Siddhi, but without her I cannot even imagine to take a step ahead. Because she was responsible for making me what I am today. She is my Silent & Hidden Strength – which neither I have spoken nor showed.

I will always Pray to GOD that our Jodi will always continued rest to our Life …though we start our day with some unhealthy arguments but fortunately end up with some healthy learned lessons.


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